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Digital Spiritual Courses

Deepen your Spirituality and connection to your Angels. Enhance your daily life with one of my online spiritual courses!

Whether you’re just starting to grow a spiritual practice and to work with your team of Angels or you want to utilize and connect to your gifts, you can find the connection you are longing for at your fingertips.

The courses are all created with Divine wisdom, guidance and love. You will experience Divine healing energy from the comfort of your own home.

Angel Healer Training

This course is designed to illuminate your God given gifts while expanding your soul, and will serve you whether you choose to support others or if want to utilize the…

Ascension Membership

The Ascension membership is the perfect solution for having Jeanne as your personal guide through a Holy experience supporting the reclamation of your true Divinity.

Empath & Sensitive Soul Masterclass

If you always been intuitive and sensitive to energy but never fully understood how to work in alignment with the Divine, your intuition and trust those psychic insights you receive... This Masterclass is for you! Comprehensive 15 video training. 

FORTIFY Workshop

I've curated this FREE workshop to support you with safely expanding your healing gifts to align with the work that God is calling your soul forward to do. Trusting in the unseen takes courage my friend, especially if the work you do in this world relies on you sharing your healing gifts with others. When you step fully into your role as a healer lots of shifts happen.

Soul Shine

Soul Shine is the nurturing space for you to connect with your inner light in a nurturing community, receive Divine guidance and connect with a deeper sense of peace, love, purpose and flow in your life

Angel Healer MASTERY

I’m so happy you’ve decided to take the leap and join the Angel Mastery. I’ve said it before, and it is worth repeating now… It takes courage to walk in…

Angel Meditation Series

Angel Meditation Series: A 6 part series that you can join from the comfort of your home.