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Getting out of your head is easier said than done. 

You want to FEEL lit up about who you are and honor God as you share your soul’s gifts with the world. 

But feeling confident in your intended new direction is a funny thing when you inevitably end up repeating the same yucky experience with a slightly different look.

The down low is that you may desire to feel more confident BUT when your physical energy isn’t matching how you WANT to feel, this is what creates a block to your joy.

The fact is most sensitive souls find themselves in the loop of trying and doing, which just repeats a continuous cycle of not moving forward. 

Your work in this world is so IMPORTANT and I can tell you that it is bigger than what you think it is about.

YOU are AMAZING and God has gifted you all those beautiful desires you have within your heart and you are here at this time in this life to expand your energy, by healing and filling with love, not to be contained by fear. 

Because you are sensitive to energy, I can bet that your desires and dreams have been pushed so far down deep within you, so much so that you may not even know what you actually want. 

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