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WELCOME to the Soul Shine Sacred Portal!
Soul Shine is a loving space for you to connect to your inner light within a nurturing community; receive Divine guidance and connect with a deeper sense of peace, love, purpose and flow in your life.
You will be joined by other like minded souls looking to heal their blocks and stay in alignment with high vibrational Spiritual habits and practices that further expand their gifts and talents.
We meet on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesday of each month for our LIVE call from 3-4pm EST on Zoom.
And on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month you will receive abundant love through a private chat-app, Voxer. 

First Tuesday – Monthly Heaven Ceremony: Join us for an uplifting, grounding, holy and sacred ceremony where you will receive Divine guidance, support and connection with your Heavenly team of Angels and holy figures. Led with love from my Connecticut home, these live-streamed sessions empower you to connect with your deepest desires and take inspired action towards your dreams that are the truth of your soul. You’ll also receive access to the replay for whenever you need to lean back in with unconditional love.


Meeting ID: 448 546 6010

Passcode: shine


Second Tuesday – Angel Card Reading: Commune with the wisdom of the angels with a signature monthly Angel Card Reading. Within our private Voxer group, on the second Tuesday of each month, I will share a collective message channeled directly from Heaven, along with images and descriptions of the cards. You are welcome to share your personal insights and reflections with the group, or keep the yumminess for yourself, embracing the Divine guidance the reading offers. 




Third Tuesday – Channeled Messages & Healing from Heaven: Experience the profound love, grace and wisdom of the Divine through our third week’s call, Channeled Messages and Healing session. Whether you’re in the hot seat or witnessing, all participants receive the healing energy and heavenly messages meant to uplift your spirit and nourish your soul. 





Fourth Tuesday – Sacred Yumminess:  And on the fourth Tuesday of each month we will gather on the Voxer app group for some Sacred Yumminess. These will be soul-nourishing treats from uplifting songs, mantras, book quotes or thought-provoking journal prompts, where you will receive a dose of sacred inspiration to keep your soul shining brightly throughout the month.