Core Values– what do you stand for and believe in

This is the truth and purity of your soul. 


Mission– how you are going to change the world

This is soul alignment your uniqueness 


Passion– who you are serving & why

This is who you are, your chosen identity


Goalsenergy, you receive what you are a match for. 

Are you clear on your intent to serve and receive?

What is your intention for the impact you want to have?

What is your intention for what you receive?

Do you believe you are worthy of serving?

Do you believe you and your message are of value?

What are your revenue goals?


Results– what will happen when they work with you

This is your method, from pain to purpose. 

What are you offering?

Is the result dependent on an action?

What is that action?

Is the result attainable for anyone or a specific niche?

Is the result in alignment with your soul truth?


Your audience who are they

The versions of you before you got to this place, are your key Avatars.


List your previous identities out and the emotions 

What were the things you tried and failed at?

What beliefs did you hold?

How long did it take you to change?

What was the key thing that happened to shift you from that identity?


How do these tie together with your core message and your results?

What is your message?

How does it serve the Avatar you are speaking to?

What is the outcome for your Avatar?

What is the outcome for you?