Creating content that speaks to your core message and specific avatar.


Crafting your first conversation begins with the reason or why you are creating content. Are you imparting wisdom, inspiring or influencing? 


Entertaining is part of all of these narratives, because your personality is what will connect you to the one person you are seeking to serve. Your Avatar is the one person. The work we did in the last video will serve as the starting point for you. There is more to do, but for now we are going to take your subject or topic ideas and pair them one of avatar versions from your past identities to speak to. 


Audio- How I record audio using my mic, garage band and zoom. Saving files, dropbox, MP3 and creating graphics






VideoHow I record video with zoom, camera and edit in imovie, export dropbox and share. 


Social Media

Zoom to facebook or YouTube

Facebook Live Instagram Live, 


Writing: Blog, articles, social posts

Speaking: Your social media, other people’s stages, interviews, ted talks, radio, Podcast


Audio: Podcast, radio, Quilt, clubhouse, radio


Video: Facebook, YouTube, IGTV, TikTok, Website


Recoding: Easy Zoom, mobile or handheld device, Computer using garage band or other 


Filming: Zoom, camera, livestream, FB or Insta live, Live on YTube, 


Equipment: Ring light, device stand, external camera, SD card, 

Video For Mac… Logic Tec 

Audio: Shure, Rhode, Blue Yeti

Extra’s: Teleprompter app


Where to start

Tips for recording

Outline for recording

Batching Content