Holy Shift in your life is essential for your work to make the reach and impact you see and know are real.


Your spiritual practice is something that is the most important part of your work. The one thing we must focus on is how we show up and in what energy we are embodying when we deliver content.


Checking in with our energy will provide a wealth of information and guidance from the Divine. 


Enlightenment is a moment by moment experience. 


Your relationship with yourself, with God as center to everything else in life. 


Guided Meditation: You are the Light


How blogging can help you gain clarity and spark interest


Story telling, articles, your how to method, teaching, embedding video & audio. 


Why you need to collect emails


News letter, bits of your blog or social content, teaching, inspiriting, nurturing 


How to lead your conversation to attract and build a loyal community

Social Media

Creating graphics with your message
Sharing your message

Using Facebook groups

Connecting with your Avatar with core message


Creating your message formula

Combining your voice with your work. 

Nurture nurture nurture: serve, support & guide

Lead into the action for their soul growth… graceful sales


Best practices for growing your audience


Best practices for launching your big offer