MASTERY- Ascension Membership- level 3

$333.00 / month

Ascension Membership Level 3 : MASTERY –Here is where you become the lightworker you were born to be.


Level 1: Soul Shine sessions

A sacred space for communing with God and the Heavenly realm. These sessions are designed to support highly intuitive women heal & further develop their extra-sensory gifts in a group experience. 

During each of the 60-minute bimonthly sessions you will receive profound channeled messages, guidance & unconditional love available for the collective group. 

Soul Shine includes:

  • 2- 60 minute monthly virtual sessions
  • Access to a private member portal with session recordings and notes.
  • Access to  member vault with recorded meditations, spiritual trainings and more. 
  • Private Voxer group for continued support throughout the month. 
  • Bi-weekly emails


Where: We meet virtually on zoom

Day: First and Third Tuesday’s of the month

Time: 3pm- 4pm ET


PLUS: Level 2- Healer Certification – This level is where you open and claim your gifts as a healer. 

Angel Healer Training™ certification. In this course you will focus on mastering the art of energy healing, soul connection & spirit communication and will inspire your soul’s expansion 

  • Learn the ins and outs of Soul Scanning
  • Learn the God-based method for Channeling 
  • Learn the God-based method of Messaging  
  • Private Angel Healer Facebook group
  • Private Angel Healer Voxer group
  • 6 x 90 minute virtual Angel Healer Training group sessions.
  • Unlimited access to the Angel Healer training which begins when you register and you can complete in the time frame that works best for you. 
  • Weekly emails will help you stay on track and can be saved for further review.

The Angel Healer™ Training is a unique experience that teaches you  the comprehensive God-based method & skills for working with your innate gifts. With the support of this training you will be able to channel Divine healing energy and deliver guidance and messages from Heaven.

PLUS: Angel Healer Mastery™-

Certification at your own pace with this digital training. Inside you will connect with your soul’s path and learn to shine your light with purpose and passion. 

  • Learn the ins and outs of mediumship 
  • Learn how to channel Heavenly beings 
  • Learn how to deliver messages and guidance 
  • Learn enhanced energy healing methods 
  •  Bi-monthly recored video sessions 
  • MASTERY member portal with access to library 
  • Supportive emails
  • Private Facebook & Voxer Group- continued support
  • Angel Healer Mastery Certification 

The Angel Mastery™ is a supportive gathering of healers, mediums & the extra-sensory souls who are seeking to work in alignment with God inside their practice to further develop their gifts with mediumship, channeling healing energy and delivering messages for others.