FORTIFY- Healer Activation

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FORTIFY – Healer Activation

I’ve curated this program to support you with safely expanding your healing gifts to align with the work that God is calling your soul forward to do. 

Trusting in the unseen takes courage my friend, especially if the work you do in this world relies on you sharing your healing gifts with others. 

When you  step fully into your role as a healer lots of shifts happen. 

These shifts offer an opportunity to venture into the depth of the generational wounds and lineage of pain that comes up for you to first witness and then to heal. 

Maybe like me, you are sensitive and feel others’ energy deeply and have gotten caught up in a loop of their energy. Which confuses your senses and creates blocks to receiving the signs, guidance and yumminess God has for you. 

Here’s the thing, not knowing what yours or theirs exhausts your energy because you are constantly trying to figure out WHAT you feel and understand WHY you feel it. 

I used to believe that being overly sensitive was what was wrong with me. 

As it turns out, this is what is RIGHT with me and for the work I do in this world. 

Your life is sacred my friend, and so is your ability to sense energy deeply. Your work in this world is reliant on the spectacular gifts that you came to this life with. 

You’ve been called here, trust that God has plans for you to receive, and fortify your soul with the bounties of goodness inside this program!

In just three sessions you will walk away with:

A clear understanding of what your gifts are.

How you can clear and align your energy quickly and turn off the psychic overload. 

Learn how to implement my Soul Scan method into your daily routine. 

Experience how to safely Channel energy from Heaven. 

Discover how to resource messages and energy before delivering.

Learn how to channel and deliver messages with a partner practical experience. 


What’s included:

3:90 minute live session calls me with implementation and practical experience


Lifetime access to the replays



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