Medium Mastery 2024 – 10-pay

$555.50 / month for 10 months


The Medium Mastery is a supportive gathering of healers, mediums & the extra-sensory person who is seeking to work in alignment with God inside their practice to further develop their gifts with mediumship, channeling healing energy and delivering messages for others.

Each month there is lesson call and a practical session call. 

Here are the yummy details:

  • 90 minute Medium Mastery Opening Call 
  • 4: Day In-Person Retreat
  • 6: 90 Minute Teaching Call
  • 6: 90 minute Practical Calls
  • Lifetime access to REPLAYS & Community
  • Medium Mastery Voxer group chat 


  • 6 month Soul Shine membership
  • Angel Healer Training
  • Abundantly Your Workshop
  • Lead With Grace Workshop

*Medium Mastery- 6 pay

MEDIUM MASTERY – Summer 2024