Soul Shine

$111.00 / month

Soul Shine 

Sacred Expansion 


If you’re like most adults, you struggle to recall the feelings of excitement, wonder and playfulness you had as a child.


The heartbreaking part is that losing these feelings seems “normal” to us. Except that it’s not. 


So how do we actually get back to feeling the vibrancy of life? 


Your Soul Shine Sacred Expansion subscription is designed to shift your state of consciousness so you feel your vibrancy and your connection with Heaven.

What does that even mean? 


  • It means no longer worrying about scarcity, knowing that you’re always provided for.

    – It means feeling the joy of discovery and adventure you’ve forgotten how to feel from childhood.


  • It means having dedicated tools to connect with the Divine inside you so you can feel way more joy and vitality. 


  • It means feeling supported and held during your happy and your sad times.


  • It means trusting the signs you receive outwardly and within your physical body.


Our everyday distractions, circumstances, and never ending to-do lists seem like the culprits behind missing those warm – fuzzy- joyful feelings from childhood.


But the truth is, your lost sense of wonderment isn’t because of your to-do lists, side hustle or the overdue bills you have. 


You’ve just forgotten how to access it.


And you are trying to fill your inner emptiness with an outside source. 


Plus, ALL of the low feelings you have within you are what others feel from you.


This means you can wear the most gorgeous outfit, smile brightly, have an arm full of gifts and a purse filled with sugar canes and they will ALWAYS sense those shitty low feelings you carry within you. 


To make matters worse, all that emptiness you feel inside is also being reflected back to you by the outside world. Thus creating the yicky circumstances you’re currently experiencing.


There’s an age old saying that goes something like this: your circumstances change when you choose something different. 


This is where I come in… I help my clients to receive a God offering by guiding them to experience Heaven. Be it a message from a departed loved one, guidance navigating a difficult situation, or a remembrance of who they really are. They become filled with awe and wonderment once again.


My job is so awesome – I get to commune with Heaven and deliver messages, wisdom and healing grace to you. 


These are each a seed of hope that with an open heart will renew your sense of wholeness while offering you a remembrance of who you really are and what unconditional love truly feels like. 


It’s not hard to access the Heavenly realm, you’ve just forgotten how. It is my honor to now be your guide. 

Soul Shine ~Sacred Expansion


Your subscription includes:

  • 2- 60 minute monthly sessions
  • Divine Reflection – This allows you to receive what God has intended for you. 
  • Guided Meditation to Heaven- In this beautiful meditation you will have a Holy encounter with your highest self, expand your awareness and shift into a heightened frequency. 
  • Medium readings with the profound messages and Divine guidance that will illuminate your own personal path.
  • Message that comes forth for the collective group will serve and support your personal growth.
  • Collective conversation- Having meaningful conversations with like minded souls will further increase your energy, awareness and compassion for all. 
  • Closing prayer- Reflection and prayer will help you to integrate the love shared within each session.
  • Access to a private portal with session recordings with session notes.
  • Access to Soul Shine vault with recorded meditations, spiritual trainings and more. 
  • Private Soul Shine- Voxer group for continued support throughout the month. 
  • Bi-weekly emails



Where: We meet virtually on zoom

Day: First and Third Tuesday’s of the month

Time: 3pm- 4pm ET