Summer Solstice Women’s Circle


🌺 Summer Solstice Women’s Circle 🌺

Awakening your inner Divine feminine is not just empowering; it’s downright sexy. 

But we know, embracing this full embodiment can feel dangerously freeing. For too long, patriarchal teachings have stifled our innate power, relegating the healer within us to the shadows.

Can you feel it?

The call to dance freely, to sing loudly, to emote, to express—it’s all part of your sacred essence. To be surrounded by sacred Divine women in a circle of unity and Goddess-hood. Yet, society’s conditioning has led us to believe otherwise. But you are meant to rise above these limitations.

Join us as we embrace each other and commune with Heaven- dancing, singing, laughing and coming alive with the power of the summer solstice. 

Guided by the gentle whispers of Mother Mary and the profound wisdom of Mary Magdalene, you will be guided on a transformative and Heavenly healing journey, opening your heart to receive blessings and guidance for abundance and inspired positive action in your life.


Event Details: Sacred Summer Solstice Women’s Circle

📅 Date: Friday, June 21st, 2024

🕰️ Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM EST

📍 Location: Angel Blossom Farm, Morris CT


What to Expect:

Outdoor Ceremony: Connect with nature’s embrace on the earth beneath you, surrounded by the beauty of Angel Blossom Farm.

Healer Archetype Attire: Dress in full embodiment of your Divine essence. (Take the Healer Archetype quiz here)

Blessing of the Healer: Receive a sacred and Holy water Blessing of your Kingdom Gifts (the gifts God has given you)

Communion with Heaven: Open your soul to the celestial realms, communing with holy women who have walked before us.

Channeled Messages: Receive profound messages, support, and guidance.

Group Reflection and Prayer: Conclude our sacred ceremony with moments of reflection and collective prayer.

Reclaiming Your Power: We will honor the softer aspects of ourselves, awakening the healer tones that have long been suppressed. We will embody the divine frequencies of Heaven and Earth, reclaiming our power as sacred vessels of light and love.


Facilitators: God-based Medium, Healer & Author, Jeanne Street with Angel Healer & Musician, Sophia Lily