Either we are a victim who comes from the standpoint of “I am grief,” or we are an empowered being who is experiencing grief and who understands, “I have grief.” – Believe… Angels Don’t Lie

Grief categorized into the 4 E’s





Creating a life that feels good

-Experiences will derail us, loved ones will pass, but with our healthy self-loving practices – we don’t have to do it alone.
The big scary things that we want require energy and love.

-Our “brave steps” all look different from one another.


Picking up old habits from fear of not trying something new

-Always wanting more. An old pattern of stress, or resistance will pull us away from trying something new.

-We must match up with the high vibration that we felt when we were at our “10”, so that we can be in that energy when we are enduring our life’s challenges. Replay the energy/memory that brings us peace when we enter a scary space.

Compassion without compromise

-Love will effortlessly come in; wealth, abundance, good experiences – it will all come to us when we let go of control of micromanaging our energy and “trying”.

-A lot can happen when we release and “let go.”

“What might be holding power over you? What leaves you in a feeling of lack, negativity and in a place of believing that whatever you want to accomplish is too hard? What is leaving you in a victim state?”

When have you been vulnerable and it has led you to the better?

-Going back to school despite dyslexia.

-Rearranging the pieces of our lives to go towards our next right move.

-People are sent to us by our guides to remind us of our soul’s purpose.

“Are you doing readings?”

Filling up with God’s light to plug us into our place here on Earth.

-Ask God to allow us to witness, and not take on, the energy that is around us in the outside world.

Blockages & Chakras

-4:00pm (1 hr in)- What you might be experiencing and how it relates to a blocked or “off” chakra