Soul Shine, August 16th

Soul Shine, August 16th

-FOLLOW UP to Returning to the frequency of LOVE-

Energy Addiction:

-Notice how we can become addicted to low vibrations like guilt, shame, our “problems” and what “we need to fix.”

-When we aren’t trying to “fix” our loved ones, we are allowing them space to have free will and make their own decisions.

We are leaders in this world:

-We lead with our energy. Being one with our soul and one with God sends a signal of change into the world.

-As we start to build up our remembrances of moments of love, we raise our frequency to that of peace and joy.

-Call all of our possibilities out by name! What is possible for you?

Soul Work for our next session on 09/06:

The meaning of your name:

-Research the meaning of your name to find a message for you.

-Put the meaning of your name in the Voxer chat and what it means to you.

-As you read the others’ meaning, you will see how God sees them.

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