Tapping into the sticky areas that are holding us back.

-Money: Imagine the light of God infusing into the feelings/senses that you have associated with money.


What is it that I want?

Who am I?

Jesus speaks to each of us in our own language, way and form. 

When we think it’s on the outside, it’s not relatable. (We can’t envision ourselves in the scripture). But if we take it apart, we can understand it. 

Who does God say I am?

The practice is each day, making the path straight as we connect with energy in the real world. Creating the stability of that which we are standing in. 

We are in the “Age of the Healer,” this high-level connective place. The stakes are HIGH. Fear will grab a hold and try and pull us into the old paradigm. Standing HERE in the high frequency of God’s love. “I am a child of God. He wants me to see. He wants me to know.”

Fear is on the lower level of the elevator where experiences feel different. It wants to grab us and prevent us from spreading love into the world. 

Archangel Ariel and Archangel Michael deflect the fear. 

Shifting from “crazy” to “busy but good.” 

The midnight “mind chatter”: There is a practice of asking our angels to take away fear. When we get tired, it opens space for fear to come in because our hypervigilant awareness is down so we easily become vulnerable. 

Techniques to protect ourselves: Stop the fear because it sets the scene before letting go.

-Prayer on the rosary. A prayer before bed and surrounding ourselves with a vision of the rosary. 

-Call in archangel Michael

-Sleep with a crystal under the pillow. 

-L-theanine or a CBD oil (maybe with a slight thc level) helps us to let go of the clench. 

-Take a warm bath, essential oils, parent ourselves and lovingly soothe ourselves. This is a practice of learning to dial down at nighttime while still feeling safe. Instead of pretending it’s not there – talk to yourself to regulate. Give yourself the time of day (or night). Some of the best healing comes at this time, when we are still. 

-Im safe. I am SAFE. I AM SAFE.

-Treat yourself the way you treat your closest loved one. 

-NOT a to-do list thing, it’s a LOVE thing. Like when you hold a sleeping baby. Hold YOU. If you’re doing it from a place of love. You’re worth that time of day. If you’re doing it from a place of guilt and displeasure – you’re going to get more of that. (A glass of wine, an afternoon nap or divulging in ice cream). 


Who does God say I am?

A messenger of peace and of love. A guidepost and light post for others to remember softness and love. To allow others to experience the fullness and truth

of their soul while here on Earth. To treat others with kindness that reminds them of God’s love that is available to them. To support others with music, healing tones, healing vibrations, healing love, healing connection, healing support and encouragement to live in their authentic truth and gain clarity on what they came here to accomplish in this life. To remember love, and by remembering love – infuse love back into this planet. To be a beacon of source energy.