Feelings the group has been feeling this week

-Anger, frustration, craziness, anxiety

-We spend a lot of time “assigning” our emotions to a reason

The Full Moon Phase

-How it affects us as sensitive beings

-Waves of shifting energy

-Our brain’s response to theses shifts

-Grounding practices are pertinent during a full moon phase

What do we do when we’re feeling “bad”/ “out of sorts”?

-How do we dissipate energy?

-People pleasing/ wanting safety

-The Shmego game

-Micromanaging energy

Listening to God

-If we lean further internally, the external gets easier

Miracle story of Brayden and his mother

-Healing trauma history

-Returning to faith and who we are


The addiction of fear and worry

-How to heal this addiction

Calming the mind through the sound of God “Ah”

-A morning mantra through the energy centers

-A cleansing meditation “Ah” and “Amen”

Understanding Anger

-Soul Shine member getting in touch with her anger.

Giving ourselves permission to “Not be Okay,” or to be “Angry”

-Detaching and depersonalization of triggers that make us feel anger.