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-Hampster wheel and how to stop it

-Making commitments to experiences

-Trying / Where are you enabling?


-“Don’t let your heart be troubled…”

You are an invaluable soul

-In what way have you not felt invaluable?

-Holding space for love

-Shifting statements and consciousness from “lack” to “love”

-Forgiveness sets us free

-Reframing our thoughts

-“Today I am valuable because…”

-Inferiority versus choosing love

-Shifting the internal dialogue

Past programmed conditioning

-What does your PPC have over you?

-Which area of your life is the most complicated?

-PTSD, Hypnotherapy, cranial sacral therapy

Energy centers

-Deciphering energy




-Fear knows our story and past // Shmego

-The Goddess You Book Study

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

-Affirmations and memory

-“I am….” “I feel…” [GOOD affirmations]

-Reliving a GOOD memory/ feeling