You don’t have to be a medium to connect with Spirit. You are an intuitive being, we are all born with this gift!

Have your journal and questions ready for the end of class.

Our gifts and talents are part of what makes us who we are.

Our souls have unique talents and gifts available to help us move along our life paths.

Our talents are interwoven into our souls and are meant to enhance our gifts with action and expression of Divine love. I call the actions we take to use our talents while expressing God’s love our ings—cooking, cleaning, painting, designing, creating, writing, running, snorkeling and so forth.

Our gifts are the support system that connect us to the Divine. Everyone has talents and gifts that are unique to their soul and their soul’s journey. Fully opening our gifts requires that we first be in alignment with our Soul Self; that’s when passion, also known as love, leads us to our life’s purpose!

In this class we will learn how to safely connect to Spirit, about the clairs which are the gifts that connect us to Spirit, our Chakra’s what they are and how we can channel energy through them. We will discuss how our senses can be used to decipher the energy from Spirit.