Sticky “fighter” parts that have remained unhealed

Discover what the sticky “should have” belief is for you, pull the weed or find a pot of gold; realization that brings miracles. 

What does this song mean to you? (Christina Aguilara’s, “Fighter”)

(Christina Aguilara’s song, “Fighter”)

“Makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

It makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter

Made me learn a little bit faster

Made my skin a little bit thicker

Makes me that much smarter

So thanks for making me a fighter”


Healing can look like “cutting an onion,”

-Sometimes it can sting and burn

-Sometimes we can cut right through unphased


Card pull from Believe…Angels Don’t Lie Deck (for Ginny)

“I am not a victim of my life. I AM LOVE”

“The energy I pick up from others is not my truth.”

Techniques for not picking up your partner’s energy or those whom you live with (Ginny)

-Sage Off spray at the door

-Selenite over doorways (cleansing and protecting)

-Intention that there is a shield, a cleansing waterfall that they walk through that purifies and clears the non-serving energy from them.

-Ask for a blessing of the space like you are painting the walls with light to make more room for love. Intend that your space is sacred.



-Dancing also moves energy, welcomes new energy in and releases old energy. Allow your body to move in ways it hasn’t before.

Card Pull:“When I choose to forgive, I am set free.”

“My heart is open to giving and receiving.”

Upside down: (challenge) “By connecting with the Divine, my soul is transformed to love.”


Choice in how you’ll start your day with POWER (Nazia)

-We need to stand in the presence of God to set the tone of our day, versus getting in the habit of just getting up and “going”

-Getting into the habit of choosing love, holding energy for ourselves and releasing toxicity. 

“Today I surrender my fears with love and faith.”

-Morning routine: 

-Start the day, before getting out of bed, ask God “allow me to be in the presence of your love.” 

-Clear the negative thoughts as you get ready, surrendering fear with love and faith in the Divine. 


“Love is always available to me.”

-Holding this mantra until we fully integrate it

“Miracles are available to me.”

Trauma says “I’m not enough”

God says “Believe…, I love you, I am here for you.”

Story of Mathew the tax collector from the bible. In the end Mathew stands on top of his money- he walks over it to follow Jesus. He’s not saying money is bad, he’s saying “I am of value.”

Divine timing is Holy. Whatever it is couldn’t have happened any early.

What lies are we telling ourselves on a daily basis? What stories are we telling ourselves that continue to cause us pain?”

“I should have ____ by now.”

But what if God’s plan is bigger? What is on the other end of this statement that can be seen through God’s love?

Tuning into what GOD says is different than what our friends or families say.

It’s hard to hear when we’re busy, depressed, anxious – this brings more negative. 

What happens when we let the negativity go is: it doesn’t have power over us and we can see how convoluted the story has become, and where we have been saying “this is happening to me,” versus “this is happening for me.”

Jeanne’s personal story:


Allowing ourselves the time to feel our emotions and feel our feelings.

Gives us time to lean in for ourselves. 

There are other ways to show up in our relationships (especially for those who only remember us as our younger versions) We can choose to show up in love, for ourselves first and then for them.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! You are HOLY! You are made in the image of your creator!