What we want to feel

(Carol King’s) BEAUTIFUL

You’ve got to get up every morning

With a smile on your face

And show the world all the love in your heart

Then people gonna treat you better

You’re gonna find, yes you will

That you’re beautiful, as you feel


 Plug in, set your intention for how you  want to feel:


In your work:

In your relationships:

In your activities:

“I want to feel like this:  ________ when I think about my dreams and desires”

“I want to feel like this:  ________ when I have problems, and there is a “shitstorm” around me and things are not how I like them”

“I want to feel like this:  ________ in my romantic relationship or in the one that I’m going to have.”

“I want to feel like this:  ________ about how I look.”

“When I get dressed in the morning, I want to feel like this:  ________”

“I want to feel like this:  ________ about my future.”

Compare this to how you are actually feeling.

Goal: set ourselves up for success. We have the power to create the frequency that we live, by showing up every morning and standing with God, in light, to exercise with an open heart, to create the momentum that “I am that I am.” “I am God’s light.” “My gifts are what I’ve come here to express and use, and I can do it through various ways.”

It’s wonderful and amazing that we have hands, fingers, toes, feet, legs, eyes, ears, noses, mouths – we are all just so amazing that we can show up to make great changes and use these body parts and senses to do it (instead of using them against ourselves). 

So instead of looking at what’s wrong with our body, we can look at what IS love, and what is possible, and how God created you exactly as you are – but the outside world has determined how we should feel and has conditioned us to think differently about ourselves. 

So our goal is to find out what we want to feel, and then find ways to create it.


When I am ______“[[your word that is what you want to feel]]” – my senses bring me to the truth- an imprint from God. (what do I see/ smell/ hear/ taste/ feel)

-A memory of a scene or a vision may come up to remind you of a time when you felt that feeling before.

When we are in the trying to make it happen, feel a certain way or have a certain outcome you may notice thoughts like “It can’t happen, I can’t figure it out” -There is a separation- this is our sign to drop in, connect, go slowly, spend time with your senses- this will show you your answer and what you need to get to the next step or to accomplish a desired task.


[[Meditation to the Veil]]


You can spend as much time as you need letting go, so that you feel filled up and not empty. 

The truth here is when we give up and say “I can’t,” “I don’t,” or “it’s not happening,”- we’re giving over to fear. 

But when we go a little further, we become more and more of the light and less of the physical and we start to realize that the physical isn’t the truth. The storylines that are here are made up and are falsehoods. 

When we spend more time doing exercises to become the light, the miracles become effortless and natural, or “the norm;” the trying goes away and the “being” comes naturally. – Dance more, smile more, love more… try less.- you are the light!

There are thousands of people that are waiting to work with your light. It’s different for each person, but God has greatness that He has planned for the betterment of the world. 

The light heals our problems, it’s instantaneous that we heal and forgive. 

It’s important to feel worthy of what you are asking God to bring into your life so that  you are a vibrational match for it.

Am I living in the frequency that I want to be in?

-Come back to this session’s meditation to realign with the frequency that you want