Excitements, remembrances of moments you were proud of from 2022 and Stepping forward into 2023.

Intention Setting:

-Think of 1 word that feels right and good for you for 2023 that represents the frequency of love. 

For example: If your word is “Peace,” we have to remember, what is peace?, What does the word peace represent for you? 

Assign feelings and memories back into your life with this word.

Recall a favorite memory/ “feel good” feeling or CREATE a new memory that includes this FEELING as represented by your word.

Jeanne’s word: BELONG.

A remembrance of who Jeanne is. 

Belonging, to the Heavens and to Earth; a duality of the soul, physical and non-physical. 

“I belong.”

Other words shared: Possibility, release, consistency, self-love, faith, safe.

Describe your word through your senses, as you do it will continue to expand

Bring awareness into your heart center, the seat of your soul, breathe in the word and connect it to your heart center. 

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you smell?

What do you taste?

What do you feel?

What do you KNOW?

Take this word and build upon it with your senses that are on board, stack them. 

Say it in your mind – and then using your strongest sense, or senses  “see,” or “hear,” or “know,” or “feel” it thoroughly. 

When you claim your word, the synchronicities will come.

Instead of looking for proof that nothing was gained in 2022, consider the possibility of what you may find by inserting your word into your memories and replaying the year, you may see that in many areas  your word already



Seek out the miracles. Layer the evidence: go back through photos, journals, there you will find the proof.

We are reprogramming our brain to look for what is GOOD. 

We have been EXPERTS at seeking out what’s wrong, what’s not working, what “sucks,” where the pain and suffering is, where there has been trauma. 


Now we’re going to seek out and find the evidence that it was there all along 

That’s our expedition for January. Use your word to find where love exists.

Let’s make it FUN, lighthearted, and not WORK. 


Our little girl is always seeking Joy!

When it feels like it’s becoming “work,” that’s your cue that you need to switch it up- do something fun: do jumping jacks, take a walk, use a hula-hoop, anything that lightens your mood and invites joy back in. 

When it feels like “work” you know you are in your head and not in your body. 

Your little person inside of you wants to have fun and a good time. But if we put her to work, she’s going to resist and our problems will persist. 


God has a plan

When we let go, and not “hold on so tight,” the easier it becomes. 

The more we recognize the sticky points, when we share and talk through them it makes room to explore and  discover what it would feel like on the other side. 

When things feel heavy and sticky, Instead of complaining, arguing and defending – be curious, explore, being curious is SAFE. 

What does it feel like to be a little different?



Manifesting our desires

Lean in with curiosity and not structure. 

Not rigid in your thoughts and process. 

Seek community and like-minded, loving souls, stop looking for proof it can’t happen.

A postcard vision is a gift from God, it’s a fact. If it’s not coming to fruition, it’s likely because there is an underlying belief that needs healing.

When you are unclear, things feel swimmy and not safe.


Homework for the 17th: Lock into your WORD of the YEAR.

Coming home to ourselves, remembering that it can be THIS (your word)that brings in all of the love. 

Open up the spaces, fill in the cracks that lead us into the wrong frequency (sadness, desperation)

Continue to get a deeper sense of your word and the feelings it represents through your senses (stack them)

Go through your senses 3 times each (“What do I see? What do I see? What do I see?” “What do I hear…. Etc, each one 3x”) and then one more time through each sense once.

**Examples from Colleen & Sophia below


Our senses build the story line. 

When our senses are connected to trauma, they become dull and devalued.

By tapping into them, we can rebuild them and strengthen them in love which helps us channel Divine holy energy. 


It’s not about denying our pain, or our “not enough” feelings, but rather we can lean into them and accept that we can have both these darker feelings  AND the light. We can seek it and own it in the forefront.


Having FAITH means that we get to just BE and we don’t have to TRY.




I see: myself in my kitchen, with the windows and doors open to let fresh breeze in. The sun is shining and the house is warm with sunlight.

I hear: the sound of wind chimes and trickling water. The sound of the breeze blowing through the trees. 

I smell: Lilac bushes and fragrant flowers. 

I taste: Sweet tea. 

I feel: Nurtured, peaceful, happy and full.