Soul Shine, July 19th

-The Trickery of Fear & How to Rise Above It-



Soul Shine, July 19th

-The Trickery of Fear & How to Rise Above It-


The emotional staircase:

-The scale of our emotions, 1 being the lowest emotion we have felt, and 10 being the highest.

-Review from last week: where are we living each day on our staircase?

-The more times we get ourselves into 8+, that repetition of feeling good tells our brain to start adjusting to this new pattern.

-Once we become aware of our feelings and emotional standing point, we can stop the cycle of existing in the lower numbers; we stop normalizing living in those lower emotions.

-When we do things to feel good, we have more confidence.

-When we have more confidence, we show up differently.

-When we show up differently, our whole world starts to shift.

-When our world starts to shift into a higher frequency, our connection to our Angels and God is effortless.

-When our connection is effortless, we can let go fully & feel freedom and pleasure.

Sensitive Souls & Serving our Emotions on a Silver Platter:

-A common characteristic among sensitive souls is people-pleasing and taking on a high load of responsibility for our loved ones.

-But, we can and must learn how to take our power back.

-We can communicate to our loved ones with the idea of serving/ delivering it on a graceful, kind, pleasant, angelic silver platter,

“When _____ happens, I feel _____.” (Have the courage to explain what happens for you).

“When you _____ or don’t do ____, I feel ____.”

If you serve your feelings, then they have the choice: they will either stay in the same place, or they will start coming on board and conversing with you about your sensitivities and requests for change.

-Stand in the power of calm, while giving them an opportunity to go deeper with you.

-They key to this is to serve the feelings consistently, and not just when you’re mad, overwhelmed, or at a breaking point. Plant the seed to let it grow.

Recognize the trickery:

-When you are feeling that discomfort, ask- “what will you have me do, God?”

-When you feel scared, or that energetic shift into fear, surround yourself with God’s light, “only that which is of God can come to me.”

-Feel to heal. Just feel. Feel the thing to release it from having the hold over you.

-Know that the Devil (fear) doesn’t want us to serve God light (love).

-To be a healer means that we have to lean into our relationship with God fully, knowing full force that the Devil will try to trick you.


What we can do to immediately influence our energy and raise/ up-level our vibration

-Prayer (following what naturally comes or using a prayer like the Hail Mary).

-Set an alarm to remind us to stop, pause and be present with ourselves and with God. When we pause, God can come in.

-Use mindfulness to stay in the present moment, at the time and pace that you can. One thing at a time

-Anything that you do to move your energy with joy (jumping up and down in the pool, jumping jacks, being silly in laughter, releasing the tension).

-Dancing (cue the dance party to “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” by Justin Timberlake!!!)

-Singing (doesn’t have to be pretty, just use your voice!)

-Find & explore nature

-Believe that what you need you already have.

-Journal (use prompts or just write whatever comes to mind).

-Care for our mind & body with healthy choices

-Have fun with yourself! If you are lit up, more people will come to you lit up, and you will notice, recognize, and not absorb the lower frequencies.

And when you’ve raised your vibration, do not come DOWN the staircase to MEET someone else.

“I’m not going to come down the stairs for you.”

“You wanna dance, sing or zipline instead??”


 Soul Work for our next session:

  • Continue to keep a record of where you are living on your emotional staircase each day.

  • When the Fear voice comes in and wants to take us down the wormhole, choose to live in a higher frequency of love. “I’m a child of God, you don’t belong here…. go away, fear!”

  • Start to implement the small shifts you need to raise your frequency (see above).

  • Work with your accountability partner:

  • Check in, “where am I today?”

  • “____ is what I’m going to do to raise my energy”

  • Ask, “where are you on your staircase today?”