Soul Shine session on July 5th


The feeling of despair and not being able to get out of what is blocking us.

Angst holds us in the same place, making us resistant to change. 

Internal Stories

-Where are we standing in our day and in frequency matters for our health (physically and mentally)

Remember God

-That secret longing has not been forgotten. God has not turned His ear to you. He just wants you to lean into the love and frequency of who you are to understand how worthy and valuable you are. 


-Start receiving love first, versus leaning into the frequency that is judgemental or self criticizing. 

Where is our focus and energy?

-Focusing on that which triggers us will lead us to living in the addiction of that trigger. 

-Sit in calm, and start to witness our thoughts, our body language, our facial expression – our body has an energy to it. 

-When we’re sulking, that has a protective energy to it. When we’re tall and smiling, we are in an open and receiving energy. 

Trauma & Triggering

-Prayer can help you to help you get back into your body. “God, please help me to get back in my body.”

-Identify with your body parts, run through your chakras (starting with the soles of your feet, knees, hips, etc), coming back in and calming your breath. Calming the central nervous system creates a safety net. 

-Tuning forks and singing bowls can help calm the central nervous system. 

-Pressure points in the ear can calm the Vegus Nerve with tapping. 

Signs of dysregulation

-In your subconscious scan look for defensiveness, people-pleasing, guilt, unworthiness, shame, overreaction, frustration, avoidance, anger, overcompensating, smack-talk, over-gossip, comparison, jealousy. 

-Are we leaning into shutting down, closing off our hearts, repeating things and reaffirming negative thoughts?

-We are not feeling these on purpose, it is just what is familiar. We have to learn and evolve how to move past theses and not associate with them. 

-We must learn to label the miracles, not “what is wrong”

-When you pause throughout your day, you will tune your body to a higher frequency. When you fall out, you will recognize it. You will know when your Goddess self needs a life raft. 

Nurture yourself the way you’ve always wanted to be nurtured.

-Care for yourself the way you’ve wanted to be cared for.

-Speak to yourself the way you want to be spoken to.

-Listen to yourself the way you want to be listed to.

-If I just love myself enough for today; hold myself in this sacredness, that God has me, that I’m a good soul – things will get better. 

-It hurts to wait for approval or permission – we don’t have to wait for permission. You get to be you. 

-You’re here for a reason, your soul is a bright and shining infinite being of light. You are meant to be in this life. 

-Be vibrant, go towards the experiences. Get “unboxed.” Look at possibility. We are not trained to see possibility, we are trained in the “How dare you,” and the “You can’t/won’t”: WE MUST reprogram our subconscious. It’s not hard – it’s just a PAUSE. “What do I feel in this moment?” Honor and love yourself, don’t run from yourself!

-Recreate a whole scene and make a new memory for yourself to raise your frequency. Tune your radio signal in to receive at a higher level, and be a match for that high frequency by believing in self-love. Speak kindly to yourself, “I’m okay, I’m safe, I GOT this.” 

-Have a conversation with ourselves in the mirror. 

-Spending time putting lotion on our body. When we give ourselves the time of day, the world around us will give us the time of day and show up for us. 


Calm the internal frequency.

-Using the water method (imagine water around the island that is you, and calm those waters down to peace and tranquility). 

-God cannot speak to us unless we are still. To know our next right move and see what he wants us to see/ experience what he wants us to experience, we must become still to cocreate with Him.

-When we are in the frequency of love, love will come to us. When we are living in the frequency of fear (unworthiness, lack, etc) – this will stop us from having the wide open experience and expansion of LOVE.

What is the one line that comes up the most for you?

-For example: “Well I didn’t go to college, how can I write a book?”

“Well, who do you think you are?”

-The men in black reference, “Edgar suit.” We walk around in someone else’s skin. 

-The emotional staircase exercise: 1 being your lowest emotion and 10 being your highest emotion. 

-The goal is to be an 8/9/10 in your emotional staircase. Where do you live each day? Keep record. 

1- Devastation/ Despair

2- Lack

3- Anxious

4- Jittery

5- Content

6- Excited

7- Connected

8- Peaceful

9- Free

10- Weightless

Meditation for connecting to our soul’s path & core soul-self.

-Lean into your soul-self. This will quiet the lies we have been told, and the burdens and weights of heaviness to leave us with joy. 



-Finish the emotional staircase (1-10). 

-Start to recognize what small shifts you need to raise your frequency.

-Continue reframing the thoughts that come into our mind, changing them to a frequency of self-love. Catch the thought, identify how fear is holding you, and undo the “sticky cobweb.” Get into the habit and pattern of reaffirming positive.