Connecting to our bodies

-Journaling with full permission to be expansive in our feelings and express what we need to express

Maintaining and holding onto the brightness within us

-Feeling confident and alive for a moment // glimpses into our true identity

-Getting pulled out of this with our conversations, “I can’t,” “I won’t”

Identify the two main versions of ourselves

– Goddess Soul Self of the version of you that is trying, looking, searching…

The most common healer trait no one is speaking about

– Being a leaky empath

Remembering that God is within us and that we are a child of God

– We must center within and talk with God

-Then we can open up

Practice through prayer and through feeling as a foundational practice

-How you reclaim the bounty of who you are; your glory and your greatness; to light up the world and to share and serve

Ailments that “wreck” you

-How you can turn it around to allow the healing to come inside

-Become “one” with the energy of “I am healed” and then we are healed

Releasing over to God

-We have the power to shift and be in the identity we want to be in

“I am”

-Grace, Trust, Peace, Healed, Love, Safe, Cared for, Loved!


From today’s chat:

00:19:47 Nicole Behunick: Yes I loved it

00:27:46 Sophia Lily: Absolutely.

00:34:26 Kari DelVecchio: my “shiney” self

00:35:25 Nicole Behunick: moana

00:35:32 Sophia Lily: Yeah it’s moana!

00:35:46 Sophia Lily: I love that movie

00:36:00 Lynn Mears: I love that description- shining

00:36:15 Nicole Behunick: On board- feeling emotional today because its what I need

00:37:21 Kari DelVecchio: a little triggering

00:40:34 Kristen Bly: Everything that you are saying is what came through in my meditation this morning

00:46:02 Carina Danielle: and deep rooted trauma can trick you into thinking that whats the point of trying to feel better when it will go away anyway – I have struggled with that quite a bit until I realized it was a lie that I used to protect myself from disappointment

00:46:38 colleen fairchild: we first need to give ourselves permission to even feel our feelings without judging them and making them wrong

00:48:08 Carina Danielle: yes colleen!!!! yes!!!

00:51:09 Sophia Lily: Migraines 🙁

00:53:34 Sophia Lily: Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin

01:00:49 colleen fairchild: I’m safe, cared for and loved!

01:12:05 Sophia Lily: I am already healed

01:12:21 Nicole Behunick: Today I am walking away with grace

01:12:45 Lynn Mears: Trust

01:12:46 Kristen Bly: Yes!  Grace for sure

01:12:53 Carina Danielle: i am safe, i am healed, i am love ❤️

01:13:01 colleen fairchild: I can trust myself completely

01:13:10 Nicole Behunick: All of the above!!!

01:15:02 Lynn Mears: I am trust and I am love, healed and I shine!

01:16:01 Kari DelVecchio: my sadness does not define me, I am Shiney