Challenging the senses, feelings and emotions we’ve picked up

-Is this mine or is this anothers? Is this meant to teach me?

-We might feel unsettled by it (shaming ourselves, telling ourselves a story). 

-We can take this to God and release it and have the inspiration to heal in that moment, not ashamed. 

-Remembering to bring God into every moment

Getting into a routine 

-Meditation & Journaling to help processing

We have an internal waterway

-We can have disruptions in the flow – rocks, darkness, etc. 

-Depending on where this is, is where our body will remember it.

-We are empathic and a sensitive soul, this is part of our every day as a healer. We must enliven our senses to smooth the angst inside. We can use things extra-sensory as lifelines that will awaken our senses.

Lifelines such as:

  • A hug from a loved one
  • Eating foods that trigger a good mood
  • Scents and smells like palo santo // oils – things to remind us to be in our body
    • Music – tuning forks, playing/ listening to chanting music or hymns, humming, drumming, prayer bowls
    • Listening to an audio book or inspiring podcast
    • Outdoors and nature – find your time, in the morning, in the warm afternoon or under the stars
    • Elements to help with grounding- warm stones, warm baths, crystals, cotton blankets
    • Textures and using our hands (crafting, playing with clay, painting with heavy paints, puzzling, drawing, writing)
    • Dancing under the stars (naked)
    • Writing, journaling
    • Play more!!

    What we can do to 

    -Meditations, clean eating, going to bed early, expressing ourselves, hands on our body and ask your body what to do -the body knows.

    -How would it look for you to make a conscious decision to turn up your spiritual practice?

    We chase feelings like they are our desire

    But our real desire is peace. 

    -The peace was with us when we were little, it’s the joy, it’s what calms us down

    Make a bullet point list of the things that make us smile, light us up and invoke peace! This is about our greatness expanding out of us. 


    Pair up in the Voxer chat: love-on one another. 

    Go into the group and reach out to share what you’re working on and ask for someone to pair with you that is working on the same thing.