Tapping into the sticky areas that are holding us back. -Money: Imagine the light of God infusing into the feelings/senses that you have associated with money. -Relationships -Emotions: They aren’t a bad thing!

-Health: Breathwork, warm pack on belly, infrared sauna, castor oil packs

-Boredom in life

-Constant worry is a block of the heart and inhibits our ability to receive Divine messages. -Hold your rewards. “Today is GOOD.” “I am PROUD of myself.” Fill yourself up with praise, and it will continue to rise.

-When we hold on tightly (emotionally) our body holds on tightly (physically).

When we start to release and start letting go, our muscles and organs get more blood and nutrients from the food we’re eating are absorbed. But it takes TIME for the body to completely detox (especially from leaky gut).

-Have a support buddy to go through it with. “A Detox Buddy

” Mary undoer of knots Prayer: Mother of fair love, I look to you. Take into your hands the ribbon of my life And see the snarl of knots that keeps me bound To sin, anxiety, and hopelessness. I beg you, Mother, by your powerful intercession, And long fingers of love and grace, undo the knots in my heart and in my life. Free me to love as Christ loves. Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us”

Ending Meditation: Floral heart breathing opening.

Suggested reading: The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary by Clark Strand