Unwound energy and how to navigate it

A meditation to center & return to God’s love

Journal from the heart/ Let Go. 

When you’re in your head, you won’t think with truth. 

Messages from Mother Mary for the group

Our emotions help us to be a special healer – directing our energy to fill our cup first

Healing comes from tears

Calm, a sense of peace and the reminder that you are so Divinely supported and everything you are working towards is already here, already yours, and already everything that you want it to be

Use the light to fill before you give, fill yourself up

“Crying is sexy,” it’s a release, it’s vulnerable and reminds us that we’re real. 

As healers, that’s the one thing we have to remember- our people that we’re serving need to see us as HUMANS. 

We connect to the human side of people. 

Use your gifts

Sacred are those who pay attention to the little things

Miracles are seen in the small, be big enough to see

You are a bright, beautiful soul

Everything you are doing is right 

*What in this moment is going to fill my cup?

*Saying yes to things being easy, not hard

God-Based Medium, Healer & Author


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